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About Cathie King


My love of images began at a very early age along with my love of cameras. Walking around with an unloaded Brownie camera pretending to be a photographer was a favorite game of mine. 


I tend to have two different styles of vision. With my studio still life work, I like clean crisp images focusing on the micro details of the subject, while in my landscapes I focus on the dramatic sky and bold lines. My inspiration comes from the world around me. With portraits, I use a combination of both those practices.             


With landscape and still life and portraits, my technique is very different but my execution of them is very concise and controlled culminating in a professional quality image. A landscape is extremely hit or miss, the exhilaration that comes with being in the right place, at the right time moves me beyond words. Still Life, on the other hand, is very controlled. Usually, it develops in my head many days, sometimes weeks prior to execution.  

I am no longer in a brick-and-mortar studio in a single location but traveling the USA in search of the perfect photo.  


My love for photography has lasted many decades and
I am very grateful to be able to call myself a
professional photographer. 

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